By now you know I am an inspirational quote junkie. I particularly love the above quote by Margaret Mead. In fact I have included it in each of the four editions of The ADHD Awareness Book Project, a resource book series I created that is dedicated to helping people around the world with ADHD succeed. Margaret Mead’s words remind me of the achievable possibilities when even a few dedicated people come together to make something happen. I’m reminded that it only takes a few determined individuals, intent on their goal, to make a difference…which is exactly how October became Global ADHD Awareness Month!

As my mom used to say, ”You’d have to be hiding under a rock not to notice it!” Even though you may have been getting all the articles, classes, posts and emails about ADHD Awareness month, you may not really have noticed that the whole month of October is devoted to ADHD Awareness. Five years ago ADHD Awareness Day didn’t exist…now our community celebrates a whole month to expanding ADHD awareness around the globe….that’s progress! If you want to find out more about ADHD Awareness Month and how a small group of thoughtful committed people made this month happen check it out at

Even though we now have a whole month devoted to ADHD awareness and we know that ADHD is a real and lifelong disorder, it has not quite made believers out of everyone. As far as I am concerned there are still too many people struggling alone, many who have never heard the term ‘ADHD’? They have no idea that by learning to do things in ways that better fit their ADHD brain-style, they could succeed . . . at just about anything!

As my tribute to ADHD Awareness Month, I founded The ADHD Awareness Book Project. Nearly five years ago, believing in the power of community and the dedication of my ADHD colleagues, I announced that I would be coordinating a book full of tips and strategies for succeeding with ADHD, featuring as many ADHD experts as possible. I invited all the ADHD professionals I knew, and asked them to invite ADHD professionals they knew, to participate in this project.

In the first ADHD Awareness Book Project, titled 365 Ways to Succeed with ADHD, over 80 co-authors from a variety of professions responded to my request and submitted their answers to the question: “What is the best tip or strategy you have to help someone with ADHD succeed?” I’ll admit at first it was a spontaneous, fly by the seat of my pants project that has grown into an annual book launching event to promote ADHD awareness. I have learned that sometimes that is the way that important changes get started.

In its second edition, titled 365+1 Ways to Succeed with ADHD, the ADHD Awareness Book Project expanded to incorporate contributing experts from all over the globe, including South Africa, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Canada, and the U.K. Our experts included ‘junior experts’, and ‘senior experts’, like 78-year-olds, sharing their strategies to help people with ADHD succeed. In its third edition, MORE Ways to Succeed with ADHD, we answered the call again for “more”. More unique ways, tips, strategies and ideas to help more people better manage ADHD.

And this year, in the fourth edition, Inspirational Ways to Succeed with ADHD, alongside this year’s brand-new tips and strategies, we have added powerful, uplifting stories about ADHD from people just like you. And, thanks to many of you, earlier this month the fourth edition of The ADHD Awareness Book Project, Inspirational Ways to Succeed with ADHD went to #1 in its category on when it was launched! It was an exciting day for all of the ADHD expert contributors who shared their strategies and inspirational stories of motivation.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t purchased your copy you still can on Amazon. And, during the month of October, when you purchase a copy, YOU will be helping to promote ADHD Awareness because $1 of the sales of each book on will go to one of three international organizations serving ADHD worldwide including, or the AHD Coaches Organization (ACO).

During October I want to remember to celebrate how far we have come in our awareness of ADHD. That we now have a whole month dedicated to ADHD Awareness and that the term “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” is so much better then a “morbid defect of moral control” which was the term used in 1902! Just imagine.

I’ll admit I am a dreamer so I can’t help but ponder on where we might be in five years from now. What more we might understand about the brain and ADHD…maybe it will be called something else, maybe we will understand it is not something we can just “try harder” to improve, maybe then we will focus on the brilliance of those with this brain-style rather than the challenges.

I’d love to hear from you about how you are celebrating ADHD Awareness month!

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