Deep breath.

This blog is going to be a bit more personal. And, I know this isn’t going to work if I’m not completely honest.

I had a terrific start to 2019…I completely rocked January!  I cut sugar and white food out of my diet and I’m sleeping a good 8 hours each night.  But with the start of March, I need help with one of my other goals for 2019.  Specifically exercising.  So I’m reaching out to all of you…my tribe.

You see I know myself pretty well.  I know I don’t want to let you down.  You are one of my biggest motivators.  So, I figured I’d approach this as if you are my virtual accountability partner.  Starting with being honest with you and myself.  It doesn’t work otherwise.

So here goes.

I haven’t exercised purposefully in almost two years.  Gulp.

Despite my love of productivity and getting stuff done, I have yet to strap one of those steps monitoring Fitbits to my wrist. In complete honesty, I would be embarrassed to know how few steps I actually take during the day.  In truth, I’m feeling pretty disappointed with myself.

Sure, there was a polar vortex in early February here in the Pacific Northwest, which left inches of snow on the ground.  However, I knew when I moved here that normal weather in my beloved state of Washington is wet and cold and often windy.  You don’t need sun to take a walk.  And I have a great umbrella collection to choose from even if it does rain.

When I lived in California it was much easier to get inspired to go for a walk…that was until it was too hot.  And my two furry four-legged friends were always so happy and motivating when I pulled out their leashes.  But times change and I’m in-between wagging tails as motivators at the moment.

For the majority of the last two years, I have lived at the top of one of those infamous Seattle hillsides (think San Francisco).  Starting a walk going downhill is OK, but realizing that I would be scaling the same hill going up at the end of my walk paralyzed me.  Yet avoiding hills isn’t making it any better.

Moving this month has certainly convinced me of the need to work on my endurance and strength.  Climbing three flights of stairs to carry my belongings to my new abode has humbled me beyond words.  And I will admit that I am considering putting off the 10,000 steps goal even longer, rationalizing that my body needs to recover.

And yet I know that before I could say “AttentionDeficitHyperactivityDisorder”…March will be here…and I will still not have made any progress towards my fitness goal.  And I really want to explore my new town!

I know what this means.  It means that I need to take a spoonful of my own advice.  My exercise goal right now is too big.  It’s a problem of mine at times.  Setting big hairy audacious goals.  I usually meet them head on.  But this is different.

10,00 steps a day…everyday…feels too big.  Even once a week to start with feels pretty big.  I need to make it smaller…break it down…take only a bite…or a few steps.

I’ve done this before.  When my youngest daughter was born, I knew that the only way to keep up with my four children was to be in shape.  At that time I was either walking or on a stair climber for an hour a day.  Three years ago, my oldest daughter got married and I wanted her to be proud of me when I walked her down the aisle.  Again, I walked, building up my endurance to over 3 miles a day.

The thing I always forget is that I need to start small.  So I am going back to my roots.  I am going to start with exercising 10 minutes a day…for 40 days and go from there.

There can be real magic in a ten-minute goal.  I can do just about anything for ten minutes.  And ten minutes a day adds up in a way that is truly amazing.  At the end of 40 days that would be 400 minutes or 6 hour and 6ish minutes of exercise I wouldn’t have otherwise done.  And who knows, maybe I will go beyond that minimum goal, and it’ll add up to even more.

I’m also going to allow myself to be generous with what exercise means as I start out.  Exercise means literally any movement I wouldn’t have otherwise done.  Since I currently could spend easily 10 hours a day in my office working, just about anything that involves moving for health counts.

Forty days is April 9th.

I’m hoping you’ll help keep me to my word.  I’ll let you know how it’s going in my next newsletter…how I’m doing.  If you want to give it a go with me, you can add that into the comment section below.

Let’s do this!

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