While ADHD is becoming more understood and the community is growing by the day, there is still a lack of support for many people, especially those who have been recently diagnosed and have no idea where to turn for help.

How did you feel when you heard the diagnosis?

Were you scared?

Uncertain about what to do next?

Worried about what it would mean for you (or your loved one) in the future? How it might impact future schooling/jobs/life in general?

A diagnosis of ADHD can catch people off guard, and oftentimes people feel alone and confused. Do you remember being in that place? Not a fun space to be in.

There are people entering this world of ADHD every day, in a state of confusion and fear, and now there’s something YOU can do to help make their transition just a bit smoother.

Last year, I coordinated The ADHD Awareness Book Project, which resulted in a published book called “365 Ways to Succeed with ADHD”, in which over 80 ADHD professionals, along with everyday people just like you, shared their best tips and strategies to help people with ADHD live a more successful and happy life.  This book was incredibly successful and reached #1 in its category on Amazon.com when it was launched.

This year, I’m doing it again – but in a much BIGGER way. This year’s book will have brand new tips, more co-authors, more content, an audio accompaniment and longer submission spots so co-authors can share even more of their thoughts and insights about how to live successfully with ADHD. I’m also looking into having the book translated into other languages in order to reach MORE people with ADHD worldwide.

And I’m inviting you, to step forward and claim one of these limited co-author spots in this new book. To share with others the tips and strategies you have found useful in managing your own ADHD, along with the chance to spread your message and provide support to others in the ADHD community.

If this sounds like something you just have to contribute to, please check out our website for this year’s ADHD Awareness Book Project on how to reserve your spot(s) in this year’s book at: www.TheADHDAwarenessBookProject.com or email me at Laurie@coachingforadhd.com and we’ll send more details, including how you can reserve your spot(s).

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