This week, I want to share a poem with you that was sent to me by a client. Although she and I have been working together for only a short time she has learned so much and is changing her life. It is truly an honor and privilege to help her finally understand her ADHD brain style, begin to feel more in control of the chaos, experience confidence, and finally get things done. She is an outstanding individual who has struggled all her life with ADHD and didn’t realize why she felt so different and out of place. She is an intelligent, creative, and determined woman who would not give up trying to find the answers to her challenges and as an adult with ADHD, is just now coming out of her shell to experience her own potential, gifts, and strengths.

She is an inspiration to me in many ways. Not only for her perseverance to find answers but for her willingness to forgive those who haven’t understood why she struggled so much up to this point. She is determined to make a positive difference in the world. She works daily with people less fortunate than herself, often paying for basic living necessities for them out of her own pocket. Or, she might spend her day off, fishing with a youngster that has never had the chance to experience the thrill of getting his line wet in the ocean. She approaches her world and the people in it with generosity, respect, and compassion wherever she goes. I am honored and humbled to be her coach. Thanks, Chris, for sharing your poem with me and letting me share it with others. I am thrilled at the possibility that it might shine a light for someone else with adult ADHD who might be searching for direction and needing hope.

I have made a difference!

I have made a change!

I know I can do better!

I call to those that have ADHD and are over 40!

I know we tried and continue to try to build!

I know we have positively affected many people to this point!

I know our inner strength!

I know our endurance!

I know that we can, for I am ADHD too!

We have so very much to offer this world!

To change the path of a child’s life as once we have suffered!

I know we can!

I call out to you, though you may have already heard.

Please take the time and offer the hand of compassion for the sight is there we can see, our twin walking with a pounce to be seen!

I know our energy can’t be missed so please take the time to offer the time and the hand of ADHD knowledge, love, and compassion for those that are in need!

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