• Are you tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? 
  • Do you feel frustrated not knowing “how” to take your business to that next level?
  • Are you tired of not being able to get your product or service idea into a profitable business?

If you answered yes to any of these initial questions and are an entrepreneur wanting to take your zillion ideas into making a real difference with your services/products and enjoy the satisfaction of having a profitable business, you probably have an entrepreneurial brain style!

Successful small business owners have a unique brain style, an “entrepreneurial brain style” that comes complete with an abundance of innate skills, qualities and talents that contribute to your success. Some of these inherent qualities include:

  • Creativity
  • Risk taking
  • Being a great problem solver
  • Self-discipline
  • Not afraid to make a mistake
  • Able to fly by the seat of your pants
  • Confidence
  • Optimism
  • Resilience
  • Good with people
  • Action oriented
  • And many more

Unfortunately, most business owners with this gifted entrepreneurial brain style don’t know how to unlock its potential or harness its strength and therefore waste their time and energy struggling with organization, planning, time management, delegation, prioritization, focusing on less interesting details, getting easily distracted by the next idea, etc. Not knowing your strengths so you can use them to compensate or learn ways to better manage your areas of weaknesses makes it nearly impossible for you with entrepreneurial brain styles to live your passion, serve your market niche and enjoy the productivity or profitability you deserve.

Now, imagine that you could finally take those ideas and passion and serve the world as you know only you can?  What would that be like? How would that make you feel?  By unlocking your entrepreneurial brain style you can do all that and more!

The fact that only 34% percentage of new businesses succeed in the first five years is testimony that it takes more than great ideas, willpower and motivation to keep your entrepreneurial business moving along. It takes knowing how to make the most of your natural entrepreneurial talents and also learning how to better execute those other, less innate business skills that keep undermining your success. The good news is that these other skills, such as organization, planning, follow-through, delegation, time management, etc., can be learned while you are drawing on the overabundant strengths of your entrepreneurial brain style.

As a certified ADHD Coach, I have spent the last nine years specializing in working with entrepreneurs with ADHD.  Not surprisingly, people with attentional deficits are 300% more likely to be entrepreneurs. Their creativity, out of the box thinking, ability to come up with extraordinary solutions and knack for recognizing possible money-making opportunities make them natural successful entrepreneurs.  However, they often struggle to succeed in establishing profitable businesses they can sustain.  As I looked around, I noticed that other entrepreneurs, who had not necessarily been diagnosed with ADHD, were also struggling with similar problem areas in their businesses. It wasn’t for lack of ideas, determination, desire, energy or motivation that their businesses were failing but rather a lack of skills, competencies, systems or structures around those less developed areas of necessary entrepreneurial tasks.

By coaching them to maximize their innate strengths and build competencies around those less-developed areas, they were able to unlock the key to their success and finally pursue their passions, raise their productivity and ultimately increase the profits in their businesses.  I want this for you too! That’s why I put together a five week course entitled:

Manage your entrepreneurial Brain Style course:  Unleash the productivity and profitability in your business. 


This program is not for everyone, and class size will be limited, but if you recognize yourself as someone who has an entrepreneurial brain style, with innate talents to succeed in business but are still struggling…this program is for you!  I would love for you to join me to unlock the secrets to your entrepreneurial brain style…so you too can live your dream and experience productivity and profitability in your business!

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