To Be Or Not To Be (Shakespeare)
And For Me
To Bope Or Not To Bope
we live in a biper world
i have spent the majority of my life
trying to bipe
i can bipe no longer
i am a boper and i love to bope
This Is A Short Telling
Of A Long Story Of Discovery
Telling Of This Sort
Lends To Accentuation Of The Details
Pardon The Exaggerations
so it was
when i woke that day
i really could not
find my head
I Was Readying Myself For Work
That Morning
I Found That I Was Not My Usual Self
I Could Not Find My Head!?!
I Knew The Face
But The Brain Was Quite Different
I Failed To Get My Thoughts To Focus
My Thinking Felt “Dizzy”
This Persisted On And On
It Became Apparent That
I Was No Longer
Thinking As I Had
For The Majority
Of My Adult Life
Throughout All Of This
I Felt A Familiarity
With That Different Brain

It Resembled
A Brain That I Had Known Before
My Medical Evaluation Was Normal
For An Inability To Maintain Attention
My Sister Carole
Suggested That I Had Attention Deficit
I Laughed Robustly
Months Later
I Planned A Day Of Yard Work
By 1PM
The Yard Work Remained Untouched
I Had Been Distracted
By Numerous Other Projects
Contemplating All Of This
I Realized That I Liked
To Start A Thousand Things
To Never Finish One
To Be Impulsive
To Be Explosive
To Be Profane
To Be Late
To Fidget
To Joy The Thrill Of Risk
To Imbibe A Beer Or Three Or Four
To Love To Think
was it really
i am adhd
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Then I Knew
I Was Not Disordered
I Was Now Myself
For The First Time In Years
The Different Yet Familiar Brain
That I Had Been Experiencing

Was The Brain That I Said Goodby To
When I Was About Ten Years Old
I Recognized Then
If I Was Going To Fit
Into A World Of Rigid Norms
And Succeed On The Basis Of That
I Was Going To Have To
Tightly Tighten The Screws
To My Childhood Brain
During The Ensuing Fifty Years
I Sure Tried To Keep Those Screws Tight
And To Function The Same
As Most Everyone Else
In A World Of Sameness
Everyday The Same
Until That Nearly Sixty Year Old Day
When I Could Not
And Knew
That The Life Question For Me
Was To Bope Or Not To Bope
i chose to bope
i AM a boper
in a world of bipers
I Am A Brain Outside Of The Box Person
I Am One Of The Minority In This World
Where The Overwhelming Majority
Are Brain Inside Of The Box Persons
No Matter How Colorful Bipers Appear
They Think Within
The Confines Of Rigid Norms
Us Bopers Love To Think Outside Of
The Confines Of Those Norms
Way Outside Of

Quite Frankly
Us Bopers Love To Think
Way Beyond Any Horizons
i bope
does that make me disordered
am i just different
You Can Label Me As Having ADHD
But Only If That Stands For


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