“Rewarding to help others find and live in their sweet spot.”

The best part of being an ADHD coach is getting to work with smart interesting people who have a great deal of potential just waiting to be unleashed in to the world. I like supporting such people as they hone in on their dreams and aspirations.

For the most part, I have found those affected by ADHD to be a scrappy and resilient lot that no matter how down, find a way up. It is exciting to be a part of that.

I often say “I’ve never had the same client twice” because each of the people I work with are unique and therefore keep it interesting. As someone with ADHD myself, who used to struggle a great deal, it is rewarding to help others find and live in their sweet spot.

Abigail Wurf, M.Ed, PCC
Abigail Wurf Coaching, llc


“Great outlet for my own creativity.”

I love working with women with ADHD in a coaching capacity for a number of reasons. The way my program works means I can help any woman anywhere in the world who has a computer. We all work as a team- I offer group coaching online at www.QueensofDistraction.com– so along with women working on their individual goals, we get to know each other and deep friendships develop. The members and I help each other so that there’s more input than if I were working one-on-one. The gals love this because they can get ideas that I might not have even thought of.

In addition to my online group coaching program, I have a huge resource at www.ADDconsults.com where I can offer one-on-one services along with lots of other resources.

Terry MatlenWhat do I love about owning my own business/practice? Most adults with ADHD love the freedom to develop projects and see them come to life, but unfortunately, many women don’t have the opportunity to take this plan and run with it. Luckily, I’m able to do just that, so I can develop programs and see them take off. We tend to be a creative bunch, so this is a great outlet for my own creativity.

Terry Matlen, MSW, ACSW
Author, “The Queen of Distraction”


“It can be a whole lot of fun, really empowering, and profoundly impactful.”

I have never enjoyed anything I’ve ever done professionally as much as I enjoy coaching. For me, the work is gratifying, positive, and inspiring; the results, for clients, can be quite remarkable, with major and minor shifts leading to lasting life growth and change. Everything I’ve ever done informs my work as a coach, providing a context for me to meet people where they are, in different stages of their lives, and gently invite them to grow.

As a coach, my expertise is in the process, not in the details. To coach is to be present with a client and help him/her focus and figure what s/he wants to pursue (or be, or enjoy, etc.), clarify what that looks like for him/her, and then take action toward reaching his/her goals. It is not about giving advice, or consulting based on my knowledge. My life experience guides the questions; the client has all the answers.

Elaine Taylor-KlausCoaching is an incredibly generous, collaborative profession. As colleagues, we support and foster growth and development in each other. As providers, we work with people who are ready for change in their lives, and are willing to put someeffort into making it happen. And so, we have the privilege of creating a space for personal development to unfold. It can be a whole lot of fun, really empowering, and profoundly impactful.

Elaine Taylor-Klaus, CPCC, PCC
Parent Coach & Co-Founder


“I also love being a coach because it allows me to live my best life.”

I love being a life coach specializing in adults with ADHD because I get to help others live the lives they want to live. Through coaching, my clients develop their own ways of understanding their ADHD, create their own systems for more effective self-management, and learn to embrace themselves as whole individuals who have the power to affect their own existence. What could be better than that?

I also love being a coach because it allows me to live my best life. Through running my own business, I can design how I use my time and energy in a way that reflects who I am – my strengths and weakness, interests and disinterests, and habits that are the most self-supportive. It’s my show, so I can direct it how I see fit. It takes a lot of work and self-awareness to arrive at a place in business that is so carefully designed, but the journey has been worth it for both me and my clients. As my business expands, so does the impact I have within my working community. Coaching, to me, iCasey Dixons a win-win.

Casey Dixon
Professional, Board & Senior Certified ADHD Coach, M.S.ED
Dixon Life Coaching
Mindfully ADD


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