Two significant things have happened to me in this last year. I turned 50 and I began working with my own business/life coach. Both have me thinking more about where I am in my life and my work. What I want to change…what I am satisfied with. Up until about six months ago I had been fairly content with how I was serving the ADHD community. I had been specializing in working with people with ADHD for nearly nine years, I had established a good reputation, had steady referrals and was contributing to ADHD awareness in many ways. However, I had a gnawing feeling it wasn’t enough. There was more I could do…more people who I could reach and serve. But how?

About six months ago, I attended a conference where I met and committed to working with my new business coach… for an entire year! I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for the coaching, or if I even had the time or energy needed to do so. However, I wanted to increase my ability to serve the ADHD community, and just “knew” the coaching program was the right choice to do that.

Looking back, I am a bit amazed at myself that I didn’t hesitate to make this commitment. It was the same feeling of certainty I had experienced when I blindly left home and headed off to nursing school in a city where I knew no one. The same “knowing” I had when my husband and I made the commitment to buy our first house or jumped at the opportunity to move to Australia with our young family, despite no guarantee of ever returning to the States. It occurs to me that I do a lot of things this way. One of the things I’ve learned from my own coach, is “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

As for myself, I prefer to focus on the possibilities. I typically have a vague sense of the potential risks and fully commit to the opportunity despite them. I don’t think I would call this “impulsive”, but some might. Once committed, I throw myself totally into the decision, sometimes to the exclusion of other things in my life. Some might call this “hyper focus” or “hyper activity” or “distractibility”. I prefer enthusiasm and determination. I know that this “way I do things” has helped me achieve many goals, taken me around the world, and filled my life with multiple blessings. I hope I am never so old that I forget about the possibilities. To challenge myself, to try new things and “do things” the way I uniquely express myself. I like my optimistic “rose colored glasses” approach to life.

Most people never discover who they really are or stop long enough to consider that perhaps their natural, unique way of doing things, is what really works for them. When you’re aware of whom you are, realize that how you do anything is how you do everything, you realize your undeniable power.

How do you do everything? What really works for you?

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