ADHD Life CoachIf you know anything about me, you know I LOVE the work I do.  I’ve been an ADHD Coach for over fifteen years and there hasn’t been a day that I wake up and dread going into my office. Not many people can say that.

Recently, I was interviewed by a brilliant and enthusiastic college student about ADHD, and what it’s like to be an ADHD Coach.  How fun to be able to reflect on what is meaningful and important and why I love being an ADHD Coach.

That interview reminded me why I get up each morning and have stayed working as an ADHD Life Coach for all these years.

And, I thought that maybe you would be curious about what it is about ADHD Coaching that makes it such an amazing profession… if you have ever thought to train to be an ADHD Coach or work with one.

The 27 Things You Need to Know About ADHD Coaching:

  1. ADHD Life Coaches are never bored. Each day is interesting due to the many different hats coaches wear and the variety of clients they work with.
  2. ADHD Life Coaches can set their own schedule. When and how you connect with clients depends on when you want to be available.
  3. ADHD Life Coaches are a respected team member in the overall treatment of ADHD.
  4. Every day as an ADHD Life Coach is a day when you can help someone and experience the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference.
  5. ADHD Life Coaches get to be as creative as they want in their work, often using out of the box ideas as solutions to client disorganization, time management challenges, etc.
  6. You will laugh at least once every day as an ADHD Life Coach. Let’s face it…people with ADHD have a great sense of humor…
  7. ADHD Life Coaches are constantly learning new things…about ADHD, about new resources for persons with ADHD, about being the owner of a coaching business.
  8. ADHD Life Coaches believe that their clients are fully creative resourceful and whole…just as they are! They know there are areas in their lives that clients want to change and coaches believe that working together the client will be able to create a new solution that works.
  9. ADHD Life Coaching is not limited to a geographic area. Coaching can be done in person, over the phone, or via virtual imaging tools, such as Skype or Face time.
  10. ADHD Life Coaching includes lots of adventure. Being a professional ADHD life coach includes traveling to meeting and conferences to gain further understanding of ADHD and connect with peers and colleagues.
  11. Being an ADHD Life Coach means you get to be a member of an elite group of people…other ADHD Life Coaches who understand your passion for helping others with ADHD.
  12. What happens or is said between a coach and a client is confidential.
  13. ADHD Life Coaches teach others about ADHD, often doing presentations or talks about ADHD in their community and at conferences around the world.
  14. You get to be yourself as an ADHD Life Coach. Coaching is a job where you get to be you. You get to bring your authentic self – who you are – to the coaching partnership.
  15. ADHD Life Coaches aren’t perfect and don’t have it all figured out. This gives you the ability to be yourself and authentically understand your clients’ challenges.
  16. ADHD Life Coaches have one of the most advanced holistic understandings of ADHD so they can work with a wide variety of ADHD challenges.
  17. Even though they don’t need a teaching degree, ADHD Life Coaching at times includes a lot of teaching around ADHD resources. For instance, ADHD Life Coaches help their clients know about Disability Laws, academic and workplace accommodations and modifications, neurobiology of the brain, ADHD treatment, common co-existing conditions, growth and developmental stages, conflict resolution, etc.
  18. ADHD Life Coaches help clients discover their source of motivation and inspiration so they can tap into these when they need encouragement.
  19. ADHD Life Coaches understand what their clients are going through because they have had their own experience with ADHD…whether that is being diagnosed themselves or someone they love has been diagnosed.
  20. ADHD Life Coaches learn to be great at the skill of strategizing a plan of action with their clients.
  21. Working with an ADHD Life Coach, clients reach their goals quicker, with less effort and have those changes last.
  22. An ADHD Life Coach has two outcomes for their clients. Increased awareness and/or supporting their client to move closer toward their goals.
  23. ADHD Life Coaches maintain contact and check in with clients throughout the process to make sure they are progressing and keeping their enthusiasm and momentum up.
  24. ADHD Life Coaches are accountability partners, and help clients take ultimate ownership and self-responsibility so they want to follow through, reach their goals and continually make positive changes.
  25. An ADHD Life Coach will not just let client dreams or goals fizzle. They are trained to supportively challenge their clients to continue making progress towards their goals even when the going gets tough.
  26. ADHD Life Coaches will be there with their clients every step of the way with the “how’s”. They help clients navigate past roadblocks along the way, give clients the nudge they need when they’re stuck in a rut, cheer with clients when they meet their goals and challenge client to live the life they deserve.
  27. An ADHD Life Coach never doubts they are making a difference.


What about coaching interests you?  I’d love to hear from you. Simply email me using the dialogue box below.

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