As someone passionate about increasing awareness and decreasing the discrimination of ADHD globally, there is good news for persons with ADHD and ADHD Life Coaches who work with them.

Zeal, a global market research, and management consulting company, has been studying the ADHD ecosystem. Examined current and anticipated investment into the ADHD market and predicted a massive increase in financing into ADHD marketing and industry between now and 2028!

What Made the Difference?

The study revealed that increased access to health insurance and mental health treatment has been vital in raising awareness and diagnostic trends of ADHD. The understanding that ADHD can continue into adulthood and that many are first diagnosed as adults contributed hugely to this shift. The rise in the detection and diagnosis of ADHD for children, adolescents, and adults and the emphasis on the need for more effective treatment options globally over the past 20 years is catching people’s attention. Inspiring pharmaceutical companies to increase their financial capital in research, clinical trials, and alternative treatments for ADHD.

The Impact on Global ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment

Currently and in the past, North America was the primary consumer and focus for health care diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. However, moving forward and into the future, geographically, Asia Pacific, European, Latin American, the Middle East, and Africa will benefit from the increased awareness, understanding, diagnostic, and ADHD treatment emphasis. Such great news considering that ADHD impacts people’s lives worldwide!

The Timing is Perfect for ADHD Life Coaches

The coaching profession just celebrated its 25th anniversary, proving to the world that they are viable, valuable, and here to stay. During this same time, ADHD coaches have grown as a specialty niche and provided research and studies as evidence of their positive contribution to the ADHD treatment team. As a result, they are endorsed by renowned medical professionals and international ADHD organizations as valuable team players in treating ADHD.

Why is this excellent news for ADHD Life Coaches?

Why is this great for ADHD Life Coaches or anyone considering becoming an ADHD Life Coach? Because this renewed interest and predicted financial investment by pharmaceutical companies impacts and increases awareness of the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD worldwide. ADHD Life Coaches have been using long-distance technology to work with clients for decades and will continue to meet the needs of persons living with ADHD locally and in far corners of the world. Having established themselves as critical players in ADHD treatment, ADHD Life Coaches will continue to be the go-to resource for the medical profession and are prepared to provide that extra level of support for persons with ADHD beyond medication alone.

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