Summer Christiansen graduated from Southern Utah University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. In 2017 her love of learning lead her to train at and graduate from the iACTcenter as a Certified ADHD Life Coach.

Throughout adolescence, Summer struggled with both academics and controlling her impulses and behaviors.  She was always aware of her difference in learning styles and was eventually diagnosed with ADHD at age twelve.  This has given her the advantage of understanding what it is like to have ADHD both as a child and an adult.  Summer knows the impact that ADHD can have on every aspect of your life.

As a mother of three teens, one with ADHD, Summer has felt pulled towards coaching parents of ADHD kids/teens.  Summer works with parents to help them understand their personal and parenting relationships and bridge the gap between ADHD diagnosis and setting up a success plan for the child/teen.  Education, self-transformation, new strategies and tools have been key to closing this gap and fostering a partnership of connection and trust between parents and their ADHD child/teen.

What attracted you to be an ADHD Life Coach?

As I discovered myself and the role ADHD has played in my life, I felt a strong desire to share and help others find that clarity in thier own lives.

What is a favorite class or experience at the iACTcenter?

I actually love the monthly Coaching Labs.  I enjoy hearing others coach and learning from them.

How can people learn more about you?

Visit my website at where they can subscribe to my podcast – Live Life Clearly with ADHD – and get access to my free parenting guide to help you show up in your relationship with your ADHD teen.

And tune into Episode 21: Partner Conflict Resolution with COVID-19 of my podcast to discover the lessons I’ve learned about conflict during COVID-19 or sign up here for her free webinar on Oct. 14th at 10am/6pm Pacific.


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