When I started my ADHD Life Coaching™ business, this was my plan: work hard, provide excellent value to my clients, and hopefully make money.  Not the most thought-out or detailed coaching business strategy plan.

I was hoping you could learn from my mistakes and consider another approach.  To create an ADHD coaching business plan that includes a few more valuable items to reach your business goals faster and easier.

With the level of uncertainty we are experiencing, some might wonder how to develop an ADHD coaching business strategy in a world that keeps changing so fast.  Consider it like this: ADHD coaching business strategies provide a structure to rely on rather than confining your business.  They are the starting point.

A business strategy is a tool to help you reach your business goals by defining the strategy and tactics to take for your company.  An ADHD coaching business strategy also guides organizational decisions on spending your time, investing in technology, or hiring new employees.

Creating an ADHD coaching business strategy aligned with your company’s vision takes time and consideration.  You may find that you reconsider and update these strategies several times as you and your business grow into each other.

In this ADHD coaching article, I want to review a business strategy and why it’s crucial.  Then, describe the essential initial components of an ADHD coaching business strategy and examples to help you generate ideas for designing or growing your own ADHD coaching business.

What is a Business Strategy?

A business strategy is the actions and decisions you make as a business owner to reach your business goals.  It includes what the business needs to achieve its goals and guides the decision-making process for allocating resources.

Why is Business Strategy Important?

Several reasons make a business strategy necessary, including:

  • Having a Plan: A business strategy helps you identify the steps you will take to reach your business goals.
  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: Identify and evaluate your business’s strengths and weaknesses, so you can leverage your strengths and determine how to shore up any weaknesses.
  • Efficiency: A business strategy allows you to allocate resources in your business, which translates into more efficiency and use of your time in a more productive manner.
  • Direction: As you understand your business’s direction, you can determine whether your activities are getting closer to your goals.

What Should Be Included in Your Business Strategy

  1. Vision and Business Goals

The business strategy helps you reach your business objectives. Your business vision lets you know what needs to be done and who you need to do it. For example, your business vision might include pricing strategies, product development, technological goals, or additional employees.

  1. Core Values

Business core values help define and guide others involved in your business and set your ADHD coaching business apart according to what’s important, significant, and meaningful to your business. They can also help you as a business owner identify how you do business, who you serve, what products you add, and decipher the fit of other persons representing your business.

  1. Operating Details

A good business strategy includes the standard operational details for how, when, and by whom the work is done in your business. These details create consistency, save time, and help with efficiency.

  1. Resource Allocation

A business strategy includes what resources you need and how you will add these over time.

  1. Measurements

A way of tracking your ADHD coaching business goals. The measures might include financials, website effectiveness, customers served, etc.,

It can be a bit daunting to consider strategies for your ADHD coaching business. However, I encourage you to reflect on the concepts included in this article. With an inspiring vision, a purposeful mission, knowledge of your business’s core values, and a plan, things become more manageable and predictable, and you will be able to accomplish more.

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