Learn online technology to keep your virtual coaching business profitable, flourishing, and moving forward with ease.

Let's face it! Tech talk can be scary, overwhelming and can keep you stuck if you don't face it.

When you know what systems, tools, and resources to use, it saves time, helps you work more efficiently, and lets you stay focused on making a difference, and doing what you love!

This ADDvance Your Business Workshop will help you learn & practice using online tech tools for your business, including:

  • Understanding the most essential and useful online tools needed to build a sustainable coaching business

  • Ceasing to reinvent the wheel and learn from others who have vetted and been growing an online business for 20 years

  • Ending the fear of "not knowing" and realizing it’s learning the “how-to's” from others that’s the key

  • Creating emails and newsletters that showcase your branding and expertise

  • Scheduling your clients with that personal touch and adding a professional flair so you can eliminate back-and-forth emails and voicemails

  • Setting up a reminder system to track and get tasks completed

  • Designing graphics, ebooks, and social media posts like the professionals

  • Putting your best face (and background) forward in Zoom calls

  • Creating the most effective subject lines, e-signatures, and websites that stand out above the rest

  • Developing branded products, business cards, and promotional materials

  • Crafting messages and emails that would make your 9th grade English teacher proud ;)

  • And more!


Reduce the stress and confusion of managing an online coaching business by learning the "Hows"!

We're pulling back the technology screen and showing you what you need to know to run a successful, profitable, and sustainable coaching business.
a message from
Laurie Dupar

Hey folks, Laurie Dupar here. I have a confession…

The only college course I ever dropped after earning three other degrees was Business 101. 

Yup, it’s true…I have no formal business training. In many ways, it was a blessing. I didn't have any rules to follow when starting my coaching business 20 years ago.

Instead, I learned what "worked" from others who were doing what I wanted to do. It must still be working because I've built a 20 year sustainable six-figure online coaching business that has allowed me to live my passion and pursue my mission for two decades (and made it possible to launch my second business – The International ADHD Coach Training Center).

How do I do it? I use technology that automates processes and saves me time to focus on my passion...serving people with ADHD.

I've tried, fumbled, and spent hours to find the best technology solutions and resources out there, and now I want to pass that on to you. Why? Because I want you to succeed without having to spend years recreating the wheel! 

I know how crazy awesome it feels to do what you love…and live the lifestyle you want. You can’t have this too and the right technology can help you do it. 

So, join me and my VP of Everything, Meg Gehan, who will also share her guru tech knowledge. Together we'll give you inside technology secrets to get your coaching business running easily, smoothly, and successfully.

~ Laurie

Finally 'get' and use the tech tools you need!

You get:

  • 6 hours of LIVE virtual training  on January 22, 2021 from 9am-3pm PST/ 1 pm-6pm EST
  • Accompanying Printable Workbook
  • Upon completion, coaches can obtain 6 Resource Development CCE's from the ICF 

ONLY $127

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