How to Make Money In Your Coaching Business

Make a Living While Making a Difference 

You Became a Coach to Make a Difference

You want to inspire, empower, uplift, encourage and change the lives of people with ADHD!

You learned to listen generously, ask powerful questions and focus on your clients' agenda!

Now that you are learning the art of coaching, let's get you building an income with key awareness, systems, tools and plans

It's time to receive what you deserve for your work!

Which is Why on
Friday March 18th
 10 am- 3 pm PT/1 pm-6 pm ET

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I am once again presenting the live zoom workshop,

"How to Make Money in Your Workshop...and Even Give Some Away."
  • Earn Consistent Income
  • Have systems and structures in place to keep money coming in
  • Make enough money so you can actually give it away, and 
  • Keep Doing What You Love...
Being a Great Coach is Only  Half of the Answer...Learning the Science of the Coaching Business is Essential So You Can:

Make Money in Your Coaching Business 

This workshop is for you if you: 

Are Not Absolutely Certain What is Important to You About Making Money in Your Business for Yourself, Family and Others

Struggle With What to Charge for Your Coaching Services

A stuck Money Mindset, will always get in the way of creating a profitable business.  Rewrite your Money Story, confident and comfortable charging what you're worth...PLUS get the Pricing Worksheet and set your fees so you thrive!

Are Not Sure How much Money You Want or Need to Make in Your Business

There are more ways to earn money than one-to-one coaching! Discover alternative income generators so you can earn passive income while you're asleep or spending time with family. Yup, you can work less and get paid more!

Want to Save Time, Money and Energy
Want to know How to do it the Right Way
Are Tired of Chasing Everyone else's Tail
Tired of re-inventing the Wheel

Are Not Confident How Much to Charge for Your Coaching, Products and Services

Don't spend time or energy recreating the wheel, researching for hours all you need to know to start your business from scratch. Get the forms, templates and resources to build a sustainable coaching business from day one.

Are Stressed, Worried, Losing Sleep, or never giving yourself a Break Trying to Meet Your Income Goals

Stop worrying about how to make money in your business. You don't need a business degree to be successful as an just have to know what works.

Are Not Sure What Your Three "To-Do's" are for the Day

You're already meeting with clients virtually, but maybe your family being home 24/7 has required you to work less hours or change your schedule. Learn how you can pivot and be creative to meet the demands of your family and your business.

Don't Have a Framework or Scaffolding for Successfully and Consistently Wash, Rinse and Repeat for Enrolling New Clients

Are Not Sure what the #1 thing you Need to Assure
Your Sustainability as Professional as an ADHD Life Coach 

Your business can be fun like a hobby, BUT the definition and goal of a business is to make MONEY.


  • What you must know before you get your first paying client

  • A new mindset about charging for your services that eliminates any "salesey yuckiness"

  • What to charge, name and include in your coaching programs

  • How to avoid flat lining your business

  • The client generating systems most likely to attract your clients

  • What you can upscale in your business to provide benefit and value your clients will pay for, without re-creating the wheel

  • Your personal client generating plan that will assure a steady stream of clients and income for years to come

Learn how to create and leverage opt-ins and “freebies” that have current and potential clients signing up to learn more about you (and buy from you).

How to answer the questions of "how much?", "how often?" and how to take all those ideas to make money and make them come to life. No ideas? You'll walk away with some!

No more wandering around in the dark. You will create your own personal revenue-generating plan so you can reach that next level of success.
Meet Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC, CALC

Credentialed ADHD Life Coach (CALC) sense 2002, trained Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, founder of the International ADHD Coach Training Center, author, and speaker on ADHD and entrepreneurship.  Laurie Dupar understands persons who have been diagnosed with ADHD and trains emerging coaches worldwide to help them become confident, skilled coaches to help those still struggling with ADHD and build successful and profitable coaching business they love. 

What Students Say About this Workshop

"I walked away from the retreat with the tools I need to go from “Hello” to “Yes, sign me up. I would love to coach with you.” Laurie shares her own step-by-step process, including documents, so we don’t have to spend valuable time re-creating the wheel. I give this retreat a huge thumbs up and would encourage all prospective ADHD coaches to attend future retreats. "
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Rebecca Johnson MD
"The product pyramid class was excellent and very helpful. You’ve got me pumped up – big time!" 
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Rachel Howard
"I sincerely applaud this unique training about “how-to” approach those sticky business questions most of us are uncomfortable with. Questions like engaging potential clients, pricing, promoting our business, what to do and when to do it! Laurie’s handouts are priceless! This Retreat provided a framework for all those necessary business details I would rather not deal with all in a pleasant, engaging manner."
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Christine Bavaro
Ready to learn how to make money in your coaching business, with proven systems so you can make a living while making a difference for years to come?

You get:

  • 6 hours of virtual video training 
  • Accompanying Printable Workbook
  • Upon completion, coaches can obtain 6 Resource Development CCE's from the ICF 

 ONLY $197

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