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Determine when you and your clients are ready for group coaching and the type of program that will fit their needs

All the answers on what to charge, the best time to schedule calls and the ideal number of weeks to run your group

Get the the step-by-step process to create, market and fill your group as well as how to facilitate and what technology to use

Meet Laurie Dupar

At Coaching for ADHD, Senior Certified ADHD Coach, Certified Mentor Coach and trained Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Laurie Dupar coaches clients of all ages who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and want to finally understand how their brain works, minimize their challenges and get things done!  

In 2015 she founded the International ADHD Coach Training Center (iACTcenter) where she trains and mentors emerging ADHD coaches to help them build a successful and profitable coaching business they love.

Laurie has been offering group coaching for years in both practices and offered this course at the 2015 ACO Conference.

What Students Say About Group Coaching 101

"Thank you for the excellent ACO pre-conference session. It was truly stellar. I really enjoyed meeting you in person, and loved learning with you and the other coaches.  As always, you put together a comprehensive, thoughtful presentation of the material that was perfectly fitted to the time allowed. Additionally, the whole day was well paced, dynamic and engaging. Kudos for modeling the material so well.  Thanks again for a great learning experience, and I look forward to learning with you again."

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Andrew Akre

"I have a “pilot” group planned for next month and I am feeling more confident heading forward because of listening to your class.  I forgot that I can rely on my coaching skills and treat the group in a similar way that I would an individual in coaching. I love that this is how you framed group work. So, I really want to thank you for reminding me that; I am ready to jump into the new project."

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Casey Dixon, Dixon Life Coaching

"I found Group Coaching 101 extremely thorough, detailed and interactive. Laurie genuinely wanted to understand our goals for taking the class and did a great job of meeting participant needs!  

Prior to taking Coaching Groups 101, I had no idea how to launch a virtual coaching group but now I have all the tools I need to confidently coach groups virtually and in person. Additionally, I left with a better understanding of how to make workshops that I’m currently offering even better! 

Truly, one of the best classes I’ve ever participated in! "

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Julie Janorschke, Move Forward with ADHD

"I found many of the logistics to be insightful - technology to use to host a call, how to begin the meeting, preferred size of groups, marketing tips. Overall, I found it extremely reaffirming to hear that as coaches we already have the skill-set to put this into action. Just the confidence boost I needed!"

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Vanessa Fasoli, Spark Focus

"I really enjoyed your Group Coaching 101 class. I’ve done so many groups over the years but the idea of “coaching groups” seemed like a new breed. My biggest “AHA” was that any group can be a coaching group as long as I am using coaching skills and competencies to lead and facilitate the group. I received a text this morning from a client in Sweden who wants to do a coaching “group” with a friend who I also coach here in the US! Not even 24 hours after your class! I’m excited to put what I learned into action. Guess I’m on my way! Thanks so much for a wonderful package of information and for inspiring so many of us to be our best."

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Jane Massengill,

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