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Congratulations on Completing
the iACTcenter Training Program!

Just because your year is over, does not mean the fun has to end!

Here's what you get in the Alumni Membership Program

Here at the iACTCenter, we want you to achieve your goal of excellence as an ADHD Life Coach, which is why we provide you with the learning opportunities, resources, and support you need even after you graduate.


You'll be featured on the iACTcenter's Hire a Coach page, including the ability to create and edit your own profile with headshot, website links and other important information that you want potential clients to know about you. 


You'll get potential coaching clients delivered right to your inbox through the iACTCenter's ADHD Coaching Network Referral Program (just think - one Strategy Session from a referred client would pay for the membership!).  ONLY students and graduates signed up for the Alumni Membership program will receive these leads.


You won't have to go solo as a business owner!  Attend the monthly Business Q&A calls to strategize ways to grow your business and get the answers you need and want to be successful.


Earn Commissions through our affiliate program when you refer people to the iACTCenter courses & workshops ... when they purchased our product or service you get money in your pocket!


Learn for less with a 20% alumni discount on all Coaching Workshops and Courses offered through the iACTCenter (new ones added each year!).


You can continue to develop your coaching skills, receive feedback and troubleshoot coaching scenarios with participation in the twice a month iACTCenter Coaching Labs and Coaching Case Sessions.

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