Here are your 13 Questions and ADHD Medication Log!

Hi, Laurie Dupar here from the iACTcenter. Currently there are a number of ways to treat ADHD, or minimize the symptoms, and multiple theories about which is the best. The most successful approach is often based on you as an individual and is a combination of the following: maintaining a healthy lifestyle-which focuses on diet, exercise and consistent sleep, utilizing organizational tools and medication used to rebalance the neurotransmitters in the brain.

14 Life Changing Answers to the Most Frequently asked Questions about ADHD

In this Ebook, 18 year veteran, certified ADHD Life Coach, trained Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, and founder of the International ADHD Coach Training Center, Laurie Dupar, responds to your most frequently ask questions about ADHD, including those about:

  • diagnosis
  • testing
  • treatment
  • medication and addiction
  • intelligence and ADHD
  • outgrowing ADHD
  • navigating the treatment maze
  • best jobs for people with ADHD and much more.

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The Top Three ADHD Medication Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

In this audio you will learn how to know if your ADHD medication is working. If not, you can start figuring it out when you know the three things biggest problems that impact your ability to  get full effectiveness of your ADHD medication and how to avoid them.

The goal with ADHD medication is the lowest dose that provides you with the most benefit.  This recording will help you work with your prescriber and figure this out for yourself.

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