ADHD Family Tree Worksheet

Hi, Laurie Dupar from the International ADHD Coach Training Center ( and Coaching for ADHD. 

We know that the most common cause of ADHD is genetics. If you have ADHD, there is a 25-90% chance that your children will also have ADHD (and that you inherited it from at least one of your biological parents).

This means it is highly likely that if you or your child has ADHD, the relational, behavioral, symptoms, emotional, and self-medication patterns of ADHD extend in your family for generations.

When ADHD is misunderstood or undiagnosed, the negative impact of the symptoms, behaviors, self-medication, and trauma of the ADHD experience gets transferred trans-generationally directly or indirectly.

Healing, higher self-esteem, increased emotional health, resilience, forgiveness, and even happiness is possible with an understanding of family members’ ADHD

This ADHD Family Tree Worksheet designed by Laurie Dupar, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, twenty-year ADHD Life Coach, and Founder of the iACTcenter is yours to download and use to begin exploring your current ADHD story by considering your family members history.  

Wishing you understanding, compassion, respect, and love in your family.

~Laurie Dupar

ADHD Family Tree